How parents can help stop stuttering

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Above all else, parents are the primary set of people who can greatly help kids who have stuttering problems. This is because they can directly influence the way children act and think. For parents to better aide their children the best thing that could do is that to make sure that their children is at peace with his stutter and develop a strong personality even with the stutter issues.

Tips for parents

Parents must also realize first that the emotional effects of stuttering in children can be very devastating if not dealt with correctly. The following are just some of the tips parents can use in helping their kids understand that stuttering is not the end of the world and they can definitely do something to overcome the condition:

1. Make the kids understand what is stuttering. Explaining to kids what is stuttering and why this happens can greatly help them to understand and accept their condition. Make them understand that this speech impediment not only happens to him or her but to many people as well. Once the child understands why is this happening, acceptance will follow which will make it easier for both parties to undergo alternatives and measures to overcome and fully treat the condition.

2. Instill positive reinforcement in your kids. Although kids are very positive in nature, they easily get depressed and distracted if people do not constantly guide and monitor them. If you have a child who suffers from stuttering, chances are they are losing his or her self-esteem slowly. Once they have low self-confidence, it will be harder to get their cooperation in treating the condition. The best way to avoid losing self esteem among kids is for parents to instill in them that there is nothing shameful about stuttering and the best way to deal with it is though acceptance.

Parents must make the kids understand that accepting the fact that they suffer from a speech impediment such as stuttering is indeed the first step to curing the condition. Once the child has accepted his or her speech problem, he or she will be free from the chains of suffering and low self-esteem. Also, once the child is at peace with the idea that he or she stutters, the child will openly accept whatever teasing and insult is thrown at him without getting depressed so much.

3. Explain to the child that stuttering does not make him or her inferior to anybody. In kids, the major effect of stuttering is losing self-esteem that stem from their inability to express themselves freely. By telling your child that he or she is not inferior to anybody because of the condition, the child will realize that there is nothing so embarrassing about the condition and will make him or her exerts more effort in communicating effectively.

4. Always focus on your child's skills and potential and not on the speech problem. Instead of focusing on the negative effects that stuttering may have on his social and relationship skills, focus instead on the good points that they have when making social contact. Many kids who suffer from stuttering can overcome their condition when given proper encouragement and support.

5. Give your full support all the way. Parents should comprise the foremost support group of kids who suffer from stuttering. Knowing that you are part of his support group, that you will always be there no matter what and knowing that you will always accept him despite his condition will give him enough support to move on and aspire for greater things in life.

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