The stuttering miracle cure

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People who suffer form stuttering have been looking for the miracle cure for stuttering ever since stuttering was discovered. People have been crossing oceans to find the stuttering miracle cure to no avail. There is o miracle cure for stuttering but there are therapies and treatments that are available for people who suffer stuttering and who are looking for a cure.

For years and years people thought that there is no cure or people would never be able to rid themselves of the stuttering sickness that they endure. Well, like most speech impediments stuttering has a cure though it is not a miracle cure that takes away stuttering overnight rather a series of carefully laid out steps that take time to take effect. Because of the time tolling nature of this cure it is highly recommended for the individuals that are trying to rid themselves of stuttering to be patient and understanding.

The treatments and drugs that can be used to cure stuttering

There is no medicinal cure for stuttering. Since most children develop stuttering at an early age most of them outgrow it before it becomes and actual burden to the child, because of this stuttering in children requires no special therapy and treatments. But in any case that the child reaches the age of five and still has problems regarding their stuttering the parents should see a speech therapist of a developmental pediatrician to consult if the child's stuttering is still within comfort zones.

In most cases of adult stuttering it has been found that they developed stuttering as children and never outgrew it because of the lack of professional help and treatment.

Experts' advice

Speech therapists' claim that good practice can cure people of their stutters even without the help of a trained professional, all they need to do is follow a few simple exercises/ tips to make sure that they out grow the burdens of a stutter.

1. Good posture at all times. Having a god posture is the key to eliminate speech impediments in both young and old. It is particularly effective for people who tend to slur their words when they speak. Slurring of words can be closely associated with stuttering because of the slow production of sounds that words have. Though similar in some aspects some speech therapists' claim that having a good posture may not be enough to make sure that a person can get rid of their stutter. Though there is scientific basis that relates stuttering to bad posture there is still nothing bad to have you shoulders rolled back and your chin up.

2. Push out your stomach when producing the sounds of the letters b,d,g,k, and v. Some experts say that most of the stuttered on letters are the letters that are listed above, they say that reasons for it is because of the air pushing nature of the sounds of the letters that make it difficult for some people to say correctly thus creating a stuttering effect on the letters and the words containing the letters.

3. Breathing in deeply. Deep breaths are essential to speech because air flow controls the sound production of letters in the words. Keeping your body aligned by breathing in and out properly makes it easier for the body to control the flow of air out of the mouth. Another reason relates to how air relaxes the muscles of our body.

Pressure and anxiety are key factors to stuttering and with more air that we take in the less stressed our muscles become.
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