Neurogenic Stuttering, Other Symptoms and Causes

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Neurogenic stuttering is caused when some nerves would not respond how the brain wants them to. This is only one of the causes that is being looked into by endless studies that are being done regarding the matter.

What is Stuttering?

This is a speech disorder that can happen with children and adults alike. When a person stutters, the natural flow of the words spoken are being disrupted by so many repetition of syllables, words or phrases. Other people who have this condition prolong sounds that they hear or sounds that are part of the speech that they want to say.

The other symptoms of serious stuttering include rapid blinking of the eyes. The lips and jaw are also seen tensed. The upper body of the stutterer also experiences tremors when they can’t get across what they really want to say.

Although different studies have already been done about this subject, it is still a mystery in the world of medicine. But the experiments are continuously going on. So if you are a stutterer or you know someone who has this condition, you must not feel that there is no hope because the fact of the matter is that the experts aren’t stopping in learning its roots, causes and the medications that can aid such condition.

Stuttering and stammering is the same. But this condition is different from other speech problems such as spasmodic dysphonia and cluttering.

What remains to be a mystery with stammering is that the person who has this condition can clearly be understood when they read aloud, talk to oneself and sing. The condition are often directed towards the brain. Experts said that the brain areas that handle the speech patterns are often disfigured on people who have this sickness.

But you need not worry about the intelligence of a person who is a stutterer. This aspect is not affected by the condition. And they must be reminded about this important note. If a person feels pressured about how the society reacts to their condition, they might tend to shy away from the public’s eye and scrutiny.

In America alone, about three million of its population suffers from stuttering. The situation usually becomes apparent when a child reaches the age of two up to five or six years old. If nothing is done to remedy or lessen the situation, it will become serious as the person grows old and matures.

So if you are a parent of a child with this condition, make sure that you provide them with support and proper speech therapy. If you want to feel enlightened about the situation, here are some people who have suffered from the condition but have surpassed its negative consequences. These people are known as best speakers in the world who suffered the condition during their childhood. These include Mel Tillis, Bruce Willis, James Earl Jones and Carly Simon.

There is hope for people to overcome this obstruction. You just have to have the right support from your loved ones. You must also be exposed to the right set of friends. You must thrive in an environment that can accept you regardless of your condition. And you must also be in constant search for drugs, medicines and therapies that can help alleviate and cure the condition.

Neurogenic stuttering also happens when a person is hit by a stroke and other form of sickness that may injure the brain. When this happens, the therapy will surely alleviate the problem.

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