Some Facts about Stuttering and Drugs for a Cure

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Many experts continue their studies about stuttering and drugs for a cure up to this time. But up to now, this remains to be an unsolved case and a mystery to many, especially the people who are suffering from the condition. Many parents resort to speech therapy. Other adults stay away from the public light to avoid scrutiny.

But we are used to a comfortable and easy life. Thanks to the ever developing technology and science. You may not be used at hearing about an area where there is no definite answer as to how to remedy the situation. But this is really the case with regards to stuttering.

There are a lot of studies being done and have been conducted, as well as researches and tests about this medical condition. But the researches have been taking many routes because the roots of the problem are not that clear yet. There are studies that point to the brain as the main culprit. These show that there are some irregularities at the anatomy of the brain that control the speech pattern.

Many people also point to the emotional toots of the problem. Many people who are experiencing turmoil with regards to their feelings often cannot express their thoughts well. This can be brought about by a lot of factors.

For example, when you are in love and you have to tell the other person about how you feel for the first time, you will feel jitters on your whole system that may cause you to stutter. On presentations, whether it is for a business or academic type, when it is time for you to tell many people about what you have practiced for a time, the pressure will get into you that may also cause the stuttering.

This is also true when you have a stage fright but you have to perform in front of many, your fear will surely affect your performance that may also affect how you relay what you have to say.

The Medicines
The medicines available for this condition may be few. But the good news is that there are really drugs which you can turn to when the problem becomes too incontrollable. But the sad news about this is that these meds do not necessarily have the same effect on different people. Not everybody will react to the drugs positively. Most of them say that the drugs can only lessen the stuttering up to 50 percent.

So how do you know if the drugs work? If you suffer from the condition, the only way to know if the drugs available are effective is for you to try and experience their effects on your system. It is still a trial and error process that you have to take in order to alleviate the effects of stuttering.

Here is a list of the known drugs which you can try to lessen the effects of your condition and the drugs that you should be careful about.

1. Anti-dopamine medicines. This drug is known for its effects to suppress and stifle stuttering. The reason for this is that the brains of stutterers were found to have high levels of dopamine. The known brands for this purpose are Haldol, Zyprexa and Risperdal. These three are known to have worked to many stutterers.

2. Be careful in using Prozac and Zoloft. These two can aggravate the situation because these tend to increase the dopamine levels on your brain.

Make sure to read a lot about stuttering and drugs for a cure topic before you commit yourself to your chosen therapy. This way, you are assured that you are very much aware about what you will be getting yourself into.

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