Therapies For Stammering and Stuttering That Work

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In this article I will be answering some of the more common questions which are often asked to a speech coach/speech therapist in regards to the subject of stammering and stuttering. A lot of people who have this form of speech impediment are no longer happy to accept a second rate form of stuttering therapy and are instead in search of treatment that will enable them to achieve fluency.

Question 1

Which stuttering therapies are currently proving to be the most popular and beneficial for people who have a stutter?

Answer 1

A recent study has suggested that by far the most popular and beneficial form of stuttering therapy that is currently available is a one-to-one speech therapy course. These courses are run by people who have managed to successfully overcome their own stutter/stammer and are therefore able to comprehend exactly what it is like to have this type of speech impediment. On a downside, these courses, due to there popularity, are often booked well into the future therefore people who are interested in attending are likely to have a waiting period of around three months.

Question 2

How many days are these one-to-one courses run over?

Answer 2

They are normally held over a five day period however there are shorter three day and weekend courses available.

Question 3

How much does it cost to attend a course?

Answer 3

Probably not as much as you would imagine. The cost varies but is typically around four hundred and fifty pounds for a five-day course.

Question 4

I am looking for a home based stuttering therapy program, what would you suggest?

Answer 4

Self help or home based stuttering treatment programs are becoming increasingly popular these days. There are numerous options available such as a stuttering therapy DVD, a stuttering therapy audio book and a stuttering therapy e-book.

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