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Gareth and other famous people who have been afflicted with this awful speech impediment have proven to be a massive inspiration to many people around the world and have led to a large number seeking a cure to their own stuttering problem. There are a number of stuttering courses available, some which are run by people who have managed to eradicate their own stutter and other’s which are coached by traditional speech therapists.

Before people get too excited, and think that a magic pill has been developed to cure stuttering, let’s first make it clear that to overcome stuttering is no easy ride. Stuttering can destroy a persons self-confidence and can have a very deep physcological affect. Despite this, people who are willing to work very hard, practicing any techniques that they are taught, and who have a determination to achieve fluency, can attain their goal.

Therapies for stuttering

So what types of therapy are available for people who stutter? As previously mentioned there are what some people refer to as �oestuttering cure courses”. These can be in a group basis or as most people prefer, on a one to one basis.

Now not every person who has a stutter has the confidence to attend a speech course and therefore may prefer to work from home in their attempt to overcome their stutter. There are now self-help audio books, a self-help dvd and also written booklets with full descriptions of each of the techniques that are taught on some of the above courses.

As you can see there are now a number of options that are available in the way of treatments for stuttering. Each person is different and therefore will decide which therapy, if any, is right for them.

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