How to spot a Stuttering Stanley

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People with stuttering problems are easy to pinpoint in crowd, usually there are the ones who hide in their shells and never try to open up to people. Usually they keep to themselves or stay in a corner out of attention's way. We don't even have to know what the symptoms are, we just need to be observant enough to spot them from a distance. The main reason they stay in the dark is because they don't want people making fun of them or their stutter. It is understandable enough that these people only want to live a normal life but because of their stutter they have a hard time having one.

If people can still remember the movie about a kid who thinks he is a freak because he can see ghosts. Of course we can't mention it proactively but we are going to use it as a reference to the point we are trying to get to, if one can remember the teacher who scolds the kid for not paying attention. He has a problem with nervous stuttering or stuttering triggered by nervous reaction and anxiety.

When the boy mentions the incident when the teacher was back in elementary school they used to call him "stuttering Stanley", the teacher in his anxiety and nervousness starts to stutter to himself words and phrases that is meant to clam him down. But when the boy kept on repeating what the teacher's class used to call him with he snaps and with a stuttering tone he tells the kid "shut up you freak!" clearly a statement made out of anxiety and pressure.

This is the kind of burden people who suffer from stuttering have to deal with every single day of their lives, yes it's easy to tell them that you need to see a speech therapists to straighten out your tongue or you need to go through this kind of anxiety therapy to over come you stutter. Even though the therapies and the treatments are for their own good sometimes these people are reluctant to adhere to them because they find it embarrassing and shameful to admit to the fact that they have this kind of problem. With out the proper support group and emotional encouragement these people would go on their lives having the label of stuttering Stanley.

How do we spot people that need our help?

Look for the signs and the signals. First off all, to help these people we have to avoid calling stuttering a sickness or say that the signals are symptoms. People with stuttering issues usually have confidence issues as well. So let's not dampen their already wet spirits.

Be aware of what you need to look out for. People need to be educated about what exactly it is they are trying to find., you wouldn't just go out and catch fish without knowing how to. First of all, know the signs of stuttering, the signs and signals of stuttering are:

- Speech. A person suffers from stuttering when he or she person is having a hard time starting a word, sentence or phrase, there is repetition or prolonging of a sound, syllable or word, and difficulty in pronouncing certain letters;

- Physical signs. The person who has speech problem such as stuttering experiences a succession of rapid eye blinks, trembling and tremors of the lips or jaw, and the involuntary tension, tightness or movement of the face or upper body.

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